My current research focus is on the impact of microplastics on the marine environment.I  am currently investigating microplastics in sediments and interactions of marine mammals with microplastics.



  • 2015 – present: Guest lecturer and adviser at NUI-Galway. Working on microplastics in marine sediments from Galway Bay. Supervising two MSc students.
  • 2013 – present: PhD student in the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), supervised by Dr Rick Officer and Dr Ian O’Connor. Funded by the Irish Research Council. Resulted in a dissertation entitled Distribution and interaction of microplastics in the North Atlantic. Four of the research chapters are published in peer-reviewed journals and a review chapter published in a peer-reviewed, open access book.


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  • Member- United Nations GESAMP (Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection) Group 40: Microplastics in the Marine Environment.
  • Member – Society of Environmental Toxicity and Chemistry
  • Member – Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom



  • October 2015 R.V. Celtic Voyager CV15025: Post-graduate training- NUI-Galway (Geography) Galway Bay Lecturer and scientist, applicant. 3 day cruise
  • October 2014 R.V. Celtic Voyager CV14024: Microplastics in the Irish marine environment.
    South and west coast of Ireland Chief Scientist, lead applicant. 7 day cruise
  • June 2014 R.V. G.O. Sars PolarPlastics South west of Svalbard, Norway, Chief Scientist, lead applicant. 2 week cruise
  • April 2014 R.V. Celtic Explorer CE14007: Trans-Atlantic crossing. Galway, Ireland to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Scientist. 2 week cruise
  • Feb 2014 R.V. Celtic Explorer Marine Institute, Gravity Core trials, Rockall bank, North Atlantic Scientist.5 day cruise
  • January 2014 R.V. Celtic Explorer CE14002: Cetaceans on the Frontier V, Northeast Atlantic and Irish Sea, Scientist. 3 week cruise
  • October 2013 R.V. Celtic Explorer CE13015: Celtic Sea Herring Acoustic Survey,
    Celtic Sea, Scientist. 3 week cruise
  • July 2013 R.V. Celtic Explorer CE13009: North-West Herring Survey, Scientist. 3 week cruise
  • April 2013 R.V. Celtic Explorer CE13005: Blue Whiting Acoustic Survey, North East Atlantic, Scientist, 3 week cruise
  • Feb 2013 R.V. Celtic Explorer CE13004: Cetaceans on the Frontier IV,
    Porcupine bank, North Atlantic, Scientist and Marine Mammal Observer. 2 week cruise



Morley, A., Lusher., A. L., & Thompson, R. C. (2016). Deposition and accumulation of microplastics and pollutants in marine sediments from the Irish continental shelf (Geological Survey of Ireland). Co-applicant for funding for a student project at NUI-Galway

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Lusher, A. (2014). PolarPlastics- an assessment of microplastics in Arctic waters. (EUROFLEETS 2 Polar and Subpolar call 2013)

Lusher, A. (2011). Microplastics and marine fish (FSBI Undergraduate Summer Internship: £1.6k).



Lusher, A. & Tirelli, V. (May 2015). Microplastics in the Arctic. SETAC 25th Annual meeting, Barcelona, Spain
Lusher, A. (March 2015). Marine debris and microplastics. CleanCoasts Roadshow, Galway, Ireland (invited speaker)
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2012–2015: Irish Research Council, PhD studentship, Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology Thesis: Distribution and interactions of microplastics in the North Atlantic.
Supervisors: Dr Rick Officer & Dr Ian O’Connor

2011–2012 MRes in Marine Biology, Plymouth University and the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom